Cristiano Ronaldo’s Boat Searched..

Cristiano’s luxury yacht was searched by armed customs agents, according to reports in Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo's family members were on boat which was searched.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s family members were on boat which was searched.

The famous star, Cristiano Ronaldo was at a restaurant with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez in Formentera at the time of the incident.

He was seen in the small Balearic island with his newly-born twins, mother and several other family members.

Hola report the customs officers demanded to see documentation from those on board.   But one of his family members took care of the situation.

A Spanish Tax Agency spokesman confirmed that the inspection was a routine check.

He said: “It formed part of routine checks on vessels that are carried out every summer in different parts of Spain.

“It doesn’t affect the users of the vessels but their owners or the charter firms if they are rented out.

That exemption can be applied if the vessel is actually being rented out, but not if it’s not being rented.”

“The thing that led to the Customs agents investigating Ronaldo’s yacht was because renting was much more trivial.

“A Customs boat was very nearby and they were the first to turn up. They mediated in the conflict that was taking place between the player’s security person and the other individual.

“Finally the Customs officials decided to inspect the vessel. And after asking the captain for the rental documents and seeing everything was in order, they left.”

Ronaldo looked ‘calm’ as he returned from the restaurant with Rodriguez. Although he had no contact with any of the officials.

The search lasted about 90 minutes and was filmed by an agent.

A member of Ronaldo’s entourage was described as looking ‘worried’ while the search was taking place. But the agents were seen smiling as they left.


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