Mayweather Bentley runs over this security guard

THIS is the shocking moment Floyd Mayweather ‘s Bentley smashes into his own security guard – sending him flying.

The minder had been helping clear a path through the hordes of boxing fans blocking the luxury car’s path after Mayweather’s face-off with Conor McGregor.


But the member of the US superstar’s entourage was sent sprawling when he got too close to the bonnet outside Wembley Arena.

Mayweather, 40, was sitting in the front passenger seat, but he didn’t get out of the matte black Bentley to see if he was hurt.

The security guard looked furious as he picked up his torch and ear piece and stormed off though the jeering crowd on Friday night.

American Mayweather – dubbed “Money” for his frequent boasts of wealth – had been at the arena for a war of words with McGregor on the second day of a media tour to promote their fight in Las Vegas in August.

Mayweather, who was wearing a leopard print jumper and a sparkling set of chains, had walked from his hotel to the arena ahead of the showdown.

But afterwards he jumped into his trademark, Bentley to try to escape a mob of fans.

The boxer’s entourage can be heard shouting “move out of the way” as fans surrounded his car.

Then all of a sudden the security guard is sent skidding across the tarmac after being hit by the car.

One fan shouted: “The bouncer just got f***ing floored.”

Another supporter said: “He’s just f***ing ran you over”.

In the arena foul-mouthed McGregor ruffled feathers with his insults, and at one point claiming Mayweather was unable to read.

The upcoming battle will be UFC star and McGregor’s first ever boxing match.

Sporting a blue and green checked suit, the 29-year-old Irish star jeered at Mayweather’s bag.



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