‘I regret embracing David Haye’

TONY BELLEW wishes he never embraced David Haye after their bitter feud ended — and would punched him again if he thought about his comments.

The Bermondsey boxer lost the fight via a TKO in the eleventh round after telling his opponent in the build up he was going to put him in hospital.

David haye
David Haye and Tony Bellew embraced after their fight
Tony bellew says he wish he never hugged David Haye after their fight

Liverpudlian Bellew hugged Haye at the end — but insists he can never forgive what he said before their clash.

Bellew told the Daily Mail: “I’m still disgusted by his comments and I regret embracing him at the end.

“But I embraced him because, you have to remember, this man had just helped secure my children’s future.

“And that’s the first thing that went through my mind after I beat him.

“I didn’t think about what he’d said or what he’d done.

“If I thought back to what he’d said, I’d have probably hit him again.”

David Haye had said he was going to put Tony Bellew in the hospital before the fight
The fight was one-sided after David Haye got injured in the sixth round
Tony Bellew said he would have punched David Haye again after the fight if he thought about the comments

He adds: “I still think he’s a cast iron asshole. I don’t think he’s a nice fella but it took two of us to get it right.”

The verbal war before the fight escalated when Haye started claiming he was aiming to seriously hurt Bellew.

And the Bomber revealed the nasty words did get to him — but he was never going to make him back down


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