“Only my wife can bite me”

FORMER Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore and defender Omar Gonzalez were both BITTEN by two different El Salvador players during the same game.

USA beat their opponents 2-0 in their Gold Cup quarter-final clash in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Ex- Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore was bitten on the shoulder and had his nipple twisted

But the game was overshadowed by two remarkable separate incidents which led to Altidore brilliantly claiming his wife ‘can only grab his nipples’.

The first came in the 67th minute when El Salvador’s Henry Romero sunk his teeth into the striker’s left shoulder and then twisted his nipple.

Altidore fell to the ground before making light of the antics after the game.

He said: “My girl’s mad at me.

“She’s mad at me. She’s mad at Romero, ’cause she’s like: ‘Only I can bite you, only I can grab your nipples.”

The 27-year-old later added: “It’s never happened before, but in Concacaf, it never ceases to amaze me.

The striker fell to the floor but joked about the incident afterwards
Defender Omar Gonzalez also fell a victim to being bitten in the 81st minute

“You got to keep your cool… I shouldn’t be saying these things happen, but they do.”

But the controversy wasn’t to end there. When goalscorer Gonzalez also received the same treatment by captain Darwin Cerin in the 81st minute.

During a corner Gonzalez felt his opponent biting his left shoulder before screaming to the referee.

He clutched his shoulder before saying after the game: “I was a bit shocked.”

The former Liverpool striker was also guilty of biting Branislav Ivanovic in a league match against Chelsea.

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