Oj walks free

OJ Simpson will be released from prison after US prison chiefs granted him parole.

The disgraced former NFL icon referred to himself as a “straighter shooter” as he begged for his freedom this evening.

Oj appeared in blue shirt alongside lawyer as he listens to parole board’s findings
Simpson appeared at Nevada correctional facility to hear his fate
He wore a blue shirt,jeans and white trainers

Simpson was caged for 33 years in 2008 after being convicted of a Las Vegas armed robbery and kidnapping.

But the 70-year-old will be a free man within three months after the parole board decided he can be released in October.

Pleading for his freedom a visibly-aged Simpson, wearing a blue shirt, said: “I am sorry things turned out the way they did. I had no intention to cause a crime.

“I just want to get back to my family and friends. I thought I was a good guy. I’ve had a few problems with fidelity.

But I’ve always thought I’ve been pretty good with people and I’ve spent a conflict-free life.

“I’m a pretty straight shooter. I’ve always tried to be a good soldier. I have no problem.

“I wish it had never happened. I apologise to the people of Nevada. I take full responsibility. I should never allowed these alleged security guys to help me.”

In a show of remorse, he later apologised to his victim and friend Bruce Fromong.
Simpson said: “I couldn’t be more apologetic for what Bruce went though.”

Fromong, testifying for his friend, later said: “OJ is my friend, always has been and I hope will remain my friend. He never laid a hand on me.

“We all make mistakes. I’ve known OJ for a long time and I don’t think that he’s a threat to any one out there. He’s a good man who does lot for other people.

“It’s time to give him a second chance and let him go home to his family.”
Simpson was visibly emotional as his friend spoke on his behalf.

At several points he talked passionately about how he wanted to again spend time with his four children.

Simpson’s daughter Arnelle later testified on behalf of her father.

He had earlier been forced to deny having an alcohol problem when probed on the subject by the board.

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