Chelsea apologize to China after Winger ‘s social media post

CHELSEA have issued a grovelling apology in Chinese after Instagram posts sent by Brazilian winger Kenedy during pre-season tour caused offence.

The Blues claim the player has been “strongly reprimanded and disciplined” for posts that have now been deleted from social media.

Chelsea apologize to China after Winger's social media post
Kenedy has been disciplined by Chelsea for strings of offensive posts.
One post was crudely captioned in a detrimental manner to China.

Kenedy reportedly posted a series of images with the captions “f***ing China” and “wake up China you idiot”, in reference to a sleeping security guard.

He did apologise, saying: “Hello my friends, just wanna say sorry if someone was sad because I used the expression “porra”, was no racism, just an expression…big hug.”

But it clearly didn’t work, as fans out in China booed Kenedy as he warmed-up for the 3-0 win over Arsenal in Beijing.

The club said in a statement: “On July 22nd, Chelsea Football Club experienced the warmth and friendliness of Chinese fans at the National Stadium.

“However, we were surprised and disappointed that one day prior to the match, one of our young players, Kenedy, posted messages on his social media account that caused great offence and hurt the feelings of the people of China.

“Unfortunately, even though he quickly deleted the messages and apologised, and the club also apologised via our Chinese social media channels, the damage had already been done.

Kenedy has apologized but not well received in China for this abuse.

“Chelsea Football Club once again solemnly and sincerely apologises.

“Kenedy’s actions were a mistake that he will learn greatly from.

“His behaviour does not represent the entire team and does not align with the club’s high expectations and strict requirements of its young players.

“He has been strongly reprimanded and disciplined.

“Everyone at Chelsea Football Club has the utmost respect and admiration for China and loves our Chinese fans.

“It is because of this that the negative impact we have seen over the last two days has left us shocked and saddened.

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