Aston villa fans ‘attacked’ at German pub

SHOCKING photos has emerged appearing to show Aston Villa fans being attacked at a German pub during the club’s pre-season tour.

A small group of Brit supporters were reportedly set upon while drinking in O’Reilly’s bar in Dusseldorf, western Germany, over the weekend.

Aston Villa fans attacked at German pub

The fans – in town to watch the West Midlands club competing in the Cup of Traditions – were targeted by a much larger group, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Footage filmed by the owner of another nearby pub appears to show Villa Fans being knocked to the ground in the street outside the Irish bar.

One of those on the floor looks like he is then kicked in the head by a man wearing a bucket hat.

He lies on the ground dazed as the rest of the baying mob pelt the bar with missiles.

A crowd of stunned onlookers begins to gather and watch as the attack pans out in broad daylight.

The hooligans can be seen throwing tables and chairs towards the people inside the bar, with some seemingly chanting “hooligans”.

Eventually, the group turn and run down the street away from the scene.

The footage was shared by a Facebook group dedicated to Aston Villa’s travelling supporters.

The post claimed there were “about 10 Villa with women and kids left in the pub” when the attack happened.

It alleged that the attackers waited until the majority of fans had left before targeting the small group that was left behind.

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