Match abandoned after mass brawl

A mass fight broke out on the field in Argentina forcing the match to be abandoned after rival players clashed.

The brawl took place during a cup match between Pacifico de Cabildo and Villa Mitre when the visitors were leading the game 3-2.

Match abandoned after mass brawl

The pitch battle rivalled some of the hooliganism normally seen on the terraces in South America.

Two players were sent off from both sides during the fracas but referee Juan Ignacio Nebietti felt he had no other choice but to abandon the match.

It appeared to be the only action which could have brought the fighting to a halt.
The footage shows a player being bundled to the floor and as he lifts his head up, he is punched in the face

This then sparked the mass brawl as players from both teams ran in to get involved.

The disciplinary panel of the Argentine South League is now studying video evidence before making a decision regarding the incident.

These shocking scenes come after Argentinian football was rocked by fan violence which resulted in a fan being killed.

A 17-year-old Newell’s Old Boys fan SHOT two neighbours after a row during the notorious derby against Rosario Central, according to local reports.

Ole reported the attack left a 44-year-old man dead after he was hit in the heart, despite neighbours desperately trying to rush him to hospital.

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