Mother Commits Suicide After Discovering Her Dear Son Smokes Marijuana -Photos

Mother Commits Suicide After Discovering Her Dear Son Smokes Marijuana -Photos

A doting mother killed herself after she discovered her son had been smoking cannabis.

Businesswoman Susan Underwood, 38, was so angry at finding the drug in her garden shed she grounded eldest child Brandon, 21. She then had a violent confrontation with the people who gave him the cannabis.

Last April, when Brandon went out and came home 45 minutes later than usual, Mrs Underwood dragged a knife down her arm – drawing blood – before resting it on his shoulder when he got back.

Less than 10 hours later Brandon found his mother dead on the living room floor with notes of intent scattered around her body.

The mother-of-two had taken a fatal overdose of prescription medication mixed with Jack Daniels and Cola, an inquest heard.

Mrs Underwood, who ran a tattoo parlour in Padgate, Warrington, Cheshire was said to have doted on her two children but she split up with her partner over rows about her mollycoddling Brandon.

Brandon told the Warrington hearing:


“About two weeks before she died she found out I was involved with the wrong kind of people and smoking. She confronted me about it and I told her the truth.

“She was not happy because it wasn’t cigarettes – it was weed. She was so annoyed she went over to have it out with those who gave that to me and I believe she had a scuffle with one or two of them but nothing serious.

“She gave them back whatever she found, came home and rung the police. In her anger she was saying things like I was a disappointment to her.

“After that incident she got concerned when I went out and wanted me to stay in all the time. She was paranoid about my movements.”

Brandon said he then went to sleep but was woken when it “was getting light outside” by his mother making noise.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, coroner Jean Harkin, said: “It’s very clear that Sue Underwood had anger management issues.

She threatened her son which she had never done before – and it appears her anxiety had surfaced again shortly before her death.”

She told Brandon: “Its very clear that your mother thought a lot about you and you need to remember those times and remember what a good person she was.”

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