About Me

Gender: Female
Industry: Publishing
Location: Enugu
Email: emyalexy@gmail.com
Twitter: macsportsweb
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My name is Precious and welcome to my blog. https://Macsportsweb.net

I am thrilled to have you visiting my blog. I have always had passion of having a blog site and most of the times i get discouraged to pursue further. Finally i took a bold step in creating one in July 2017. I’m the proud owner of Mac’s Closet Boutique Where I sell Unisex Wears. and all these years, I’ve always wanted to try different things and to prove to myself that I’ve the intuition to achieve my goals.

About The Blog

Macsportsweb brings latest news about sports events and every other thing relating to sports. I have always loved sports and sometime back, I wished to join a football team but Unfortunately it didn’t push through. so I thought about creating a blog that will keep people updated to Recent sports activities. Macsportsweb will keep you updated to the latest sports news, events, fixtures and other sports activities. Subscribe for more newsfeed.